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January 16, 2013 / patrickbelhon

San Diego Housing Market is Good for Investors

Exciting Prospects for 2013

Greetings in 2013! The frantic hustle of the previous year has finally passed, and it is my pleasure to greet you all in the new year. I always enjoy the start of a new year and the chance to start over. 2012 was a good year, but I think there’s room for improvement. I’ve been taking the time to refocus my energies and make some personal and business resolutions so 2013 is the best year yet.

There is already exciting news to start us off this year. The latest figures suggest that the housing market is continuing to rebound, and 2013 looks to be another year of progress. Things have been rough since the market crashed in 2008, but after years of struggling, there are definite signs of hope. In fact, home prices in San Diego are currently at their highest level since 2009, which is good news for everyone who owns a home or is involved with real estate. It’s also an exciting business opportunity. With the housing market on its way up, there is no better time to invest in the San Diego real estate market. For more information, read the  full story  on the U-T San Diego website.

This upward trend in real estate is also delineated in  this article  from NBC News. According to the article, home prices have been consistently rising for the past nine months. Early predictions for 2013 suggested gains of three or five percent, but the latest figures seem to indicate even more substantial growth. This is not to say that there are not still problems in the market. However, even with the distressed sales, the majority of the country is still enjoying booming house prices.

Housing Market San Diego Investors - 2013

With this news, I know I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 has to offer. I’d love to hear from you and talk about your resolutions for 2013. Comment on my blog or head over to Facebook and like my page. Feel free to give me a call, and we can have coffee to discuss the exciting prospects for real estate in San Diego this year.

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