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June 13, 2013 / patrickbelhon

How to Move to San Diego Smoothly Like a Pro

Real estate services - How to Move to San Diego oldchar1967It did not take too much prodding and pushing to figure out how to convince everyone that a move to sunny San Diego was the right thing to do for the entire family. Residents of this part of California enjoy all of the conveniences of a large, modern city while also being able to live in a quiet, suburban home.
San Diego is a great place to raise a family and it is also a great place to retire. Instead of shoveling snow and spending your time huddled inside your house on those cold winter days, you can spend your days at the beach, playing golf, visiting the museums in Balboa Park, and just enjoying life the way it was meant to be.
Once you have found a buyer for your old house and made a deal on a new house in San Diego, the only thing left to do is to figure out how to make the move. Moving can be a stressful experience if you do not know how to move smoothly, like a pro. Heed the following advice and you will have a stress-free and painless moving experience.

Make a moving checklist

Give yourself plenty of time before the actual moving day arrives. If you try to take care of all of the details in the last week before your move, you will create a very stressful situation. It usually takes at least a month, and maybe two, to get everything in order. A typical checklist might include:

• Calling all your family and friends to let them know you are moving
• Obtaining transcripts from your child’s school
• Selling a car
• Having a big garage sale
• Doing a thorough cleaning of your house before closing
• Closing local accounts

Filling out change of address forms 

Pick up a change of address kit from the U.S. Postal Service, fill out the change of address form and give it to the clerk behind the counter. Then, take home the bundle of postcards included in the kit and send one to the people who regularly send you mail.Avoid any disruption with your magazine subscriptions and keep in contact with your college alumni club. You will want to notify any professional organizations and groups you belong to as well as all of your creditors including your car finance company and credit card companies. The next time you pay a bill, include your change of address information along with your payment.Another way to announce your change of address is to go online, pull up your individual accounts and change your personal contact information. In a few minutes you can update your street address and, if you know it, add your new phone number to your profile.

Have utilities and services stopped

Discontinuing service and closing down all of your utility and service accounts is something you must do if you do not want to be responsible for any bills after you have moved to your new home. Some people incorrectly believe that if they just stop paying their cable bill, their service will automatically be closed.

Cable, satellite, telephone, water and gas companies all require you to formally close your account to stop the accumulation of new charges. You should arrange for a specific date and time when you want to have each of your services stopped. Leave the electricity on until the movers load the truck and you are ready to vacate the premises.

Choose a good moving company

You should not try to save a few hundred dollars by hiring two guys with a truck to transport your household across the county line or across the country. Stick with a well-established moving company that has an excellent reputation in the industry. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier safety Administration to verify the carrier’s record.

Lighten the load

Do a quick review of all of the contents in your current home and put aside items that you really do not need or want to haul to your new San Diego home. Old furniture, the lawn mower and years of accumulated junk should be disposed of before the moving truck arrives. You can have a garage sale or donate items to Goodwill or some other charitable organization. By lightening the load, you will lower the cost of moving and also avoid filling your new place with clutter.

Gather all of your packing supplies

It is a good idea to have all of the packing supplies ready to go when you start getting your possessions ready to be shipped. You can buy boxes, bubble wrap and sealing tape in your local office supply store. If you want to save money, you can gather boxes from liquor and grocery stores and save old newspapers to wrap your dishes and other fragile items.

Smart packing

Knowing how to pack will assure that your items arrive in good condition. Try to pack heavy items, like books, in small boxes so they will not be too heavy to lift.

Label your boxes 

You should color-code all of your boxes according to which room they need to be placed. Use different colors of markers or use color labels to differentiate the boxes. When the movers arrive, put up a colored sticker next to each room so the movers will know where to unload each box.

Have everything ready to go

Disassemble your bed frame, take down the chandelier and remove the curtains before the moving truck arrives. Most movers will not disconnect ceiling fans or unscrew curtain rods from your wall without charging you extra.

Some items should travel with you

It is common sense and a good practice to carry a bag or two with your medications, important documents and high-value possessions. Take your jewelry, rare coin collection and all of your small electronics with you.

2013SanDiegoMake sure your new home is move-in ready

Get to your new San Diego house a day or two in advance of the moving company. You can get a feel for your new home and plan where you want all of your furniture to go. If you want to make some changes like painting a wall or installing new carpeting, it is much easier to do before the house is full of furniture.

Before long, you will know how to get around San Diego like a native. Your days will be filled with sunshine and you can spend your nights enjoying the fine restaurants, shops and attractions that make San Diego such a special place to live.

Article Copyright ©2013 – All Rights Reserved Patrick Belhon (patricksellshomes@gmail(dot)com)

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