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June 15, 2013 / patrickbelhon

Tips for Preparing a House for Sale in San Diego

How to Prepare  House for Sale MAP-SANDIEGO1969The San Diego housing market is booming. However, if you have a house for sale in San Diego, it is important to get it ready before showing it to potential buyers. Minimize the amount of time your home sits on the San Diegomarket by taking the time to stage your house better. A little work with staging can go a long way in making a sale.If you are not sure where to start, try these easy tips to stage your house for sale in San Diego.

1. Cut the clutter. Of all the tips, this one is a no-brainer. When you have a house for sale, it is important to put the clutter away. There should be no papers on the counter and no notes on the fridge. Pack up the family photos, and cut back on the knickknacks. You want buyers to imagine their own stuff in your house, which is hard to do if yours is still all over the place.

2. Let the light shine. Too many homes are poorly lit. Improve your lighting with these tips. First, replace your lightbulbs so they have the highest wattage possible. Second, add lamps in dim corners. Third, open the curtains. Better still, if you have a house for sale in San Diego, give the windows a sparkling clean to revitalize the space.

3. Wide open spaces. We arrange furniture for daily living, but if you have a house for sale, you need to think about what people see. Buyers need to be able to walk freely about the home, and having less furniture will make your house look bigger.

4. Use the nooks and crannies. Having a corner where you store your things may be fine for daily living, but if you have a house for sale, clear out the extra stuff and give new purpose to the small spaces. Make sure your dining room has a table in it. Clear out the small bedroom and make it an office. Every space in the home should have a defined purpose.

5. Matters of the art. While there are many tips for decorating, it is best to keep it simple. Try to use the art you already have but rearrange it for a new look. Hang it in unusual ways or in distinctive patterns. Now is the time to be creative with your pieces, moving them to new rooms and grouping them for a unique look.

6. Make it float. It may seem counterintuitive, but moving your furniture away from the walls can make for inspired design. When furniture floats in the middle of the room, the space looks more refined and elegant. Plus, it gives people ready-made walkways, which can help the house flow better.

7. The rule of threes. It is generally accepted that groups of three are visually appealing to the eye. Leverage the rule of threes in your design, and use groupings of three in your decorating. Hang pictures in groups of three. Have three candles on your table. Stack three books on the shelf.

8. Get that fresh feeling. There are many tips that may seem cumbersome, but this one is great even if you do not have a house for sale. Bring life to your house by adding plants. Potted plants and flower clippings not only look fantastic but they provide a fresh scent that helps clean the air. Just be sure to keep the natural touches green, or these tips can backfire.

9. A touch of paint. Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can really help, which is why many people add a neutral layer to their walls before selling. While neutral colors help, that is not the only way to use paint. Try adding a fresh coat of black to beat up furniture, and consider painting banged up woodwork for a new look.

Patrick Belhon10. Make a first impression. You only get one first impression. Therefore, clean up the front of your house. Paint your front door and trim back the bushes. Add colorful plants and fresh river rock when necessary. You should make your home look as inviting as possible before buyers even step through the front door.

Article Copyright ©2013 – All Rights Reserved Patrick Belhon (patricksellshomes@gmail(dot)com)

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    nice advice you have alot of experience

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