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November 15, 2013 / patrickbelhon

The La Jolla Home that Won My Heart – Real Estate “Coup de Coeur” of the Month

I see a lot of homes in my line of work, all of which are wonderful properties full of potential. While I am always committed to all of my real estate listings, sometimes a property stands out. These unique properties have just the right flair, attracting even a discerning eye. I would like to share such a property with you today.

The La Jolla Home that Won My Heart - Real Estate

This property stands out from the moment you look at it. The clean, white exterior is perfectly contrasted with a lush, green landscape. Built in a sloping area, this La Jolla home looks like it has been etched into green. The architecture was designed by John Lloyd Wright, and although construction was completed in the 1950s, recent renovations have made this home one of the best on the market.

The view

While the curb draws you in, it is the view that makes this house so remarkable. It has spectacular ocean views, and the entire house is designed to showcase the vistas. There are numerous decks, some designed for privacy while others are made with entertaining in mind. Each deck is perfectly situated to look out over the shore and the vast greenery. One look from any of those decks, and it is easy to see why I fell in love.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.45.48 AM

However, this home is more than good views. There are three levels, each with well-finished living space, perfectly equipped for modern conveniences. The interior features bold white walls, which provide the perfect backdrop to the view outside. There is wood flooring throughout the house, and the main living space features an open concept. Although much of the home evokes a sleek, modern feel, there are rustic elements with the exposed woodwork on the ceiling.

Extetior shoot2013

The rooms are designed to maximize the view, featuring large Anderson windows and unique slanted walls. The kitchen has fantastic stainless steel appliances, and the living room has a fireplace. The home can be used as a three bedroom or a two bedroom residence, depending on the need. Currently, the master bedroom has been arranged to repurpose the third bedroom as a decadent walk-in closet on the second level. There is also potential for growth in the bottom level, which can be set up as a nonconforming bedroom or recreation room. The home has three bathrooms including one with a steam shower. The main deck has also been outfitted with a luxurious pool and spa.

Clearly, this home would be perfect for many buyers. More than that, this well designed home will easily retain its value, making it a wonderful investment. Properties with ocean views will always be in demand, and with the chic finishes and unique design elements, this home is sure to do well in the resale market.

The home is located in La Jolla in San Diego county. With 1,800 square feet, the home sits on an irregular lot and is currently listed at 2.15 million. If you are interested in seeing this amazing piece of real estate, please contact me today.

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  1. LucyJartz / Jan 11 2014 11:40 pm

    This home is beautiful! Can you link the pics to the original slideshow (show in new window) so that I can see the rest of the 23?

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