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March 13, 2014 / patrickbelhon

Building Your Real Estate Brand Name: Three Tips from Patrick Belhon

Real estate agents may sell houses, but they also need to sell themselves in order to gain new clients. This is best done with branding.

Photo taken in La Jolla of a sign spelling out the word brand with flowers in background - All Rights Reserved 2014 by Patrick Belhon

While moving properties is an important part of what a real estate agent does, it is not the only critical element of a successful real estate business model. Before a real estate agent can even sell a house, it is necessary to get clients first. This means that real estate agents have to sell themselves before they can ever start thinking about selling a property.

The process of self-marketing can be varied, but it starts with branding. When most people think about brands, they think about larger companies with iconic products. However, branding is a valuable tool for anyone in business. Branding is about developing a recognizable image for yourself. The ultimate goal of developing a real estate brand is to elicit instant recognition among clients, which can garner trust, attract viable clients and promote new business connections.

If you are not certain about the power of branding, just consider the three following advantages.

1. Credibility. Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, which means that not all of them are good at what they do. Many people have had negative experiences with real estate agents, which can make them skeptical of the entire industry. Some real estate agents overcome this by working with a trusted real estate company in the community. In essence, real estate agents who join an established company are relying on the company’s brand to help them secure clients. Clearly, branding on this level promotes some success, which is why branding on a more personal level can only continue to add credibility to a real estate agent’s practice. The more you can be known for what you do, the more clients are likely to trust you as a reliable name in the industry.

2. Longevity. Real estate is a volatile industry, which is why many agents come and go. More than that, even real estate companies see a high level of turnover, which can make it difficult to maintain a lifetime career as a real estate agent. Because the market fluctuates so much, real estate agents need to brace themselves against the inevitable ebbing and flowing. By establishing a brand, all real estate agents can better secure themselves, no matter what is happening in the industry around them. A brand can help real estate agents stay in business even when overall sales are low. A brand can also help agents survive career transition. Too often, real estate agents struggle to hold clients when they move from one company to another because clients are more loyal to a company brand than the individual agent. With a strong individual brand, it is possible to better retain clients no matter where your real estate expertise may take you.

3. Success. Being a real estate agent is not easy. With so many other agents in the industry, it can be difficult to set yourself apart. While it is important to continue honing your skills as a real estate agent, branding is a huge part of overall success. You can develop your brand based on your statistics, your niche market or your unique style. Simply pick the thing that best defines you, and build your brand from there. This brand can then appeal to new clients, which can help establish you as a respected name in the industry. Branding is no guarantee of success, but failing to brand effectively is a definitive way to limit your potential as a real estate agent.

Article Copyright ©2014 – All Rights Reserved Patrick Belhon (patricksellshomes@gmail(dot)com)


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