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March 20, 2014 / patrickbelhon

Real Estate Selling Tips: What Buyers Want To Hear About Your Home

The following  tips will help you add the often neglected items that will encourage people to place your home above the competition.

Young Family Looking at a Beautiful New Home - Photo taken in San Diego by Patrick Belhon - 2014 all rights reserved

You are moving to a new home, so you may have forgotten what was so attractive about the one you are selling, but the smaller points are the ones that people wish to hear about the most.

Plenty of Storage Space – Don’t forget to mention that your home has extra closet space or that you added storage space to the property. This point will impress renters because a common complaint amongst this population is that rental properties never have enough storage options.

Location – Don’t take for granted that people know exactly where your home is located and everything that surrounds it. Your listing would be most effective if it were to illuminate the points of interest that are close by. For example, if your home is located near the freeway or public transportation, these are important facts to write into your listing. People also search for homes that are close to their places of employment or their colleges or universities.

Built-In Organizing Systems -Renters are seeking to have a more organized existence, and built-in organizing systems in the kitchen or garage can help them accomplish this goal. The best way to let people know that you have organizers is to show them in your online pictures. Since the ability to organize is one main reason that people decide to purchase a home, the ease with which they can do this in your home isn’t something that you want to keep a secret.

Accommodations for Seniors – Many people are looking for a final home that they will remain in after they retire. These people would appreciate the fact that they would not have to climb any stairs to get inside your one-story house. Showcasing the fact that your yard is easy to take care of would also be an advantage for you. Younger people may have older relatives living with them, and they would be interested to know that you have a second master suite that has its own bathroom.

Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is a great selling point because it has benefits for everyone. Whether they are looking for a “green” home or not, people always wish to save money on their energy bills. Therefore, it’s important for you to mention that your home has double-paned windows, new insulation and a tankless water heater.

The Small Things – The fact that you have a recycling center, a backyard compost bin and an organic kitchen garden may impress many people. The next owner of your home will have a lot to do to prepare the home for inhabitancy. If you show that you can take the small tasks off of their hands, they will appreciate this.

No Harsh Chemicals Were Used – You may not have used any chemicals to clean your home, or your air conditioning system might be hypoallergenic. These are important points for people seeking a green home or families that have members with sensitivities to harsh chemicals.

Article Copyright ©2014 – All Rights Reserved Patrick Belhon (patricksellshomes@gmail(dot)com)


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