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April 14, 2014 / patrickbelhon

Give Your Old Patio New Life

Five Decorating Tips for Patios by Patrick Belhon

When it comes to remodeling, most people think of kitchens or bathrooms. Some may give the living room a nice revamp. However, sometimes the space that needs the biggest pick-me-up is not inside at all.

Five Decorating Tips for Patios by Patrick Belhon - All rights reserved 2014

Patios can be viable living spaces, perfect for entertaining and everyday life. From cooking to eating, chatting to resting, outdoor spaces are versatile, fun and functional. However, more than indoor rooms, patios endure substantial wear and tear, which can leave them shabby and uninviting. Therefore, take some time to decorate the patio with these five useful tips.

1. Plant new greenery. Plants are a great addition to any room, and they thrive on a patio better than in most other spaces. After all, one of the best things about a patio is that it is outside. While there are many ways to landscape a yard, a patio can be specifically decorated with potted plants. Consider the type of plant based on how much sun and rain the patio gets. Also consider how much maintenance work the plant requires. An herb garden will look very lush but need very little work. Succulent plants like cactus do very well in warmer, sunny climates. Another great decorating choice is the pot itself. Pots come in all sizes, shapes and styles, making it easy to find one to accent the overall theme. Reusing items like wooden crates, wheelbarrows, cement blocks and metal washtubs as pots can definitely make a unique statement on the patio.

2. Update furniture. To make a patio look its best, invest in the right furniture for the space. First, consider what function the patio will serve. If it is going to be a secondary eating space, an outdoor table and chairs are essential. If the area is intended more as a living room, couches, end tables or chaise lounges may be in order. Whatever is chosen, be sure that the scale is appropriate for the space. The patio should not be too crowded, but it also should not be too sparse. The patio is no place to mix and match styles. Be sure to pick an overall theme, and select furniture that adheres to that style. For existing furniture, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or reupholster the cushions. Even a simple power wash can add fresh life to old furniture.

3. Cosmetic changes. Sometimes a patio can benefit from a bit of work. One of the most basic ways to revitalize the space is to refinish the flooring. Add a fresh coat of stain and sealant to a deck. Put down new tile or stone. Paint outdoor features such as doors and sheds. Walkways, built-in flower beds and more can all be redone to create a new ambiance. Outdoor spaces will often require updating more often since they are exposed to the sun and wind on a more consistent basis. It is also helpful to wash surfaces, pull weeds and trim hedges as part of a cosmetic overhaul.

4. Light it up. Lighting is a big deal inside, but it cannot be neglected outside either. To enjoy the patio in the evening, adding extra lighting is essential. To save money and the environment, solar lights are a great choice. These lights store energy from the sun throughout the day, which lets them stay lit throughout the night. Solar lights can be ground level or higher, and they come in all types of styles. Be sure to see how well the lights work before buying, however. Some low end solar lights do not emit as much light as may be desired for an outdoor space. During the daytime, lighting can also be an issue on the other end of the spectrum. Patios with too much direct sunlight may be too hot to enjoy. Therefore, look into shading options such as retractable awnings, sail shades, umbrellas and pergolas.

5. Establish a cooking space. For a patio that gets a lot of use, an outdoor cooking space can be a great enhancement. Grilling can be a delectable way to prepare food, and patios that have cooking spaces often see more consistent use. A cooking space may seem ambitious, but these spaces can be completed on a range of budgets. To start, a good grill is essential. Make sure it is large enough to cook a good amount of food. Next, look into counter space. Counter space makes cooking much easier. Some grills come with attached space, but it is also possible to create workspaces out of cement, wood or stone. From here, other perks like a sink, refrigerator, bar and more can be added if there is room on the patio and in the budget.

An outdoor living space can be a great asset to any home. With these tips, any patio can get the makeover it deserves.

Article Copyright ©2014 – All Rights Reserved Patrick Belhon (

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