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May 10, 2014 / patrickbelhon

A Natural Choice for Home Decor in San Diego: Decorating with the Color Orange

If your interior decorating feels a little underwhelming these days, maybe it is time to freshen things up. While there are many options when it comes to decor, adding the right pop of color can have a dramatic impact.

Decorating with orange colore in San Diego is a Plus

Anyone who has been to San Diego knows the importance of orange. The area is well suited for growing oranges and other citrus fruit, which means the color is inherent to the landscape. Bringing the color inside is a great way to maintain a connection to the land while also enlivening a modern living space. If you are not sure where to start, here are four tips for using orange in your home.

1. Paint. Painting is an easy way to give any space a new look. When considering orange paint, remember the full range of hues available. Orange can be a bright, tropical color or a rusty, aged hue. Picking the right variation will depend on the overall feel of the room, which is ultimately a question of personal preference. A bold orange will make a statement, but for those who are a bit overwhelmed at the idea, an antique coloring may provide a more sophisticated feel.

2. Accessories. If a full-on paint job seems too daunting, it is easy to incorporate orange into any design scheme with accessories. This could include an orange lamp or orange curtains. It may be possible to find throw pillows, wall art, sculptures or vases in an orange huge. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless, meaning it is simple to find something for every style and for every room. Accessories are great for mixing and matching, and they can be rotated out of a room at any given point in time. For more ideas regarding accessories, be sure to visit Cedros Avenue in Solano Beach for the best selection of home decor in San Diego.

3. Furniture. For a bolder statement, furniture can be a great outlet for orange. Since the color is trending these days, many retailers have orange pieces in their showrooms. While an orange couch may seem ostentatious to some, there are other options such as orange chairs. It is also possible to consider painted tables or cabinets. In fact, it can be fun to use existing pieces and create an orange makeover with slipcovers or decorative paint work.

4. Tile. Although many orange fixes can be done with little effort, adding new tile can be a unique way to enliven any space. Tile can be a great flooring choice, especially in San Diego where the weather is temperate. In this way, orange tile is often rich and warm, eliciting a connection to nature. Tile can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms as part of showers, countertops and back splashes. If tile is a consideration, be sure to try European Bath Kitchen Tile & Stone for the best selection and dynamic service.

Life in San Diego is warm, optimistic and inviting. Let your home decor reflect that with the color orange.

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  1. Jax Beckett / Jun 7 2014 7:10 pm

    Orange tile looks great in that hallway.

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