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June 9, 2014 / patrickbelhon

DIY Decorating: Four Tips to Keep Your Project Under Control

Home decorating is a very personal pursuit. While experts will have skills to get the job done, many people want to take control of their decorating project. This do-it-yourself approach is very feasible, but it is not as easy as some people might believe. Such projects can quickly spiral out of control, leading to blown budgets and shattered timelines. If you want to try home decorating by yourself, be sure to remember the four following tips to keep your project on track.

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1. Define the goal. A decorating project is a little like shooting an arrow at a target. Before you can shoot the arrow, you have to find the target first. Without a target, you will be shooting at nothing. For decorating, you should define your target in terms of exactly what design changes will be made. The goals should include the scope of the project while specifically defining the funds and time available. These goals should be made by all relevant parties. If more than one person lives in the home and contributes funds toward its maintenance, these goals should be made collectively. This big picture planning is essential in order to keep the project on track in terms of design, money and time.

2. Be practical. When planning a project, it is easy to dream big. What is harder, however, is creating a design that will actually work in daily life. Therefore, designs should be attractive and functional. Every choice should be made for practicality. Avoid fabrics that are easily ripped or snagged. Pick upholstery that will endure normal wear and tear, especially if there are children or pets in the equation. Furniture should not only be stylistically pleasing but sturdy enough to last for years. Also consider how the room will be used. If your family likes to watch television in the living room, do not create a new space that hinders that possibility. You want your project to look good, but you always want it to feel good for the years to come.

3. Make a budget. Your budget should not just be a broad statement of total funds. The budget must be very specific, including an item by item price check. You should know how much is available for every given purchase. This needs to include hidden costs for necessary tools. For example, if you are repainting, be sure to include funds for rollers and brushes in addition to the paint itself. Everything costs money, and if you ignore the smaller purchases in the budget, they will quickly add up and derail the big picture. The budget should be realistic, so be sure to shop around in advance to gauge the range of prices before setting your item by item price points.

4. Create a timeline. When doing these projects on your own, it is easy to lose control of the timeline. After all, most people take on do-it-yourself projects in their spare time. Therefore, the timeline should be a realistic reflection of the available time. Be sure to break it down into measurable goals in order to create checkpoints along the way. When creating the timeline, plan it out to account for the natural ebbs and flows of a design project. Plan on doing small, tedious jobs while waiting for big ticket orders to come in. This way, it is possible to stay consistently busy and maximize your time in order to complete the overhaul on time.

Managing a home decorating project is an ambitious task. With these four tips, however, it is possible to finish the job on time and under budget in San Diego.

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