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July 10, 2014 / patrickbelhon

Four Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion

Home burglar opening house doorNo one wants to think about their home being burglarized, but countless homes are broken into each year. This can lead to damage to the home, a loss of property and lingering feelings of violation. To keep your home safe, consider the five following security suggestions.

1. Secure entrance points.

Every home invasion starts somewhere. The burglar has to enter the home through a door or window. In most cases, a burglar will look for the most vulnerable such point and exploit it. One easy way to deter an invasion is to make your home hard to enter. By using high quality locks on your doors and windows, burglars are more likely to give up before even getting inside. For doors, deadbolts and other high quality locks are recommended. Also consider the material of the door or window and its surrounding frame. If a door can be kicked in or if the glass can be broken, then burglars have an easier time getting inside. This can be especially problematic for doors with large glass panels or windows that are placed next to doors.

2. Good visibility.

Most burglars will pick entry points that are not only vulnerable but well covered. Many modern homeowners value their privacy, which is why large trees and privacy fences are so popular. However, because these things provide such good coverage for a home, they are also favorites among burglars. After all, home invaders do not want to be seen. If given the choice between a well-lit front porch and a secluded back door, they are going to pick the back door every time. Therefore, consider the visibility of your main entry points. Are there large shrubs around your front door? Is your backyard hard to see in? Do you have motion activated lights? Addressing these issues can make your home less of a target.

3. Keep up appearances.

Sometimes the best ways to keep home invaders out are also the easiest. Many homes are robbed while the owners are away. Burglars can easily pick up on this by how the home appears. If there are packages on the front stoop and mail collecting in the mailbox, it is a sign that no one is home. It is also worth considering interior lights with timers, which can ensure that there is always a light on inside during the evening whether you are home or not. Moreover, even if you are in town, you should make sure your house appears secure. Do not leave your garage door open, and always lock your windows and doors. A surprising number of home invasions require no breaking and entering at all because at least one entry point is left unsecured.

4. Security systems.

While all these other measures are worthwhile, the most effective way to prevent home invasions is a security system. These systems have evolved a lot in recent years, combining high end technology with strategic implementation. These days, home security is often more than a simple alarm, which can be triggered by unapproved door or window access. Now home security can include video monitors, pressure sensors and a 24-hour monitoring system. The scope of security systems can vary, so homeowners can pick and choose an option that fits their needs and their budget. Many of these systems also include fire detection, carbon monoxide monitoring and medical alerts. According to some estimates, homes with security systems are four times less likely to be burglarized.

It is impossible to protect your home at all times, but with these four ideas, it is easy to start making your home more secure.

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