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About Patrick Belhon

2013Tips-Sell-HomeA talented entrepreneur and real estate professional, Patrick Belhon began a career in business with his own chain of gift product kiosks. Located throughout Paris, France, the six locations sold items from Indonesia, Greece, France, and Thailand. As Manager of the company, Patrick Belhon directed a group of 10 employees and acquired an annual gross revenue of $1 million. Now a licensed Realtor, Patrick Belhon serves as a representative of Berkshire Hataway Homes Services. In this capacity, he assists buyers and sellers in the San Diego area. To complete property sales effectively, Patrick Belhon utilizes his familiarity with commercial and residential markets, as well as his customer service and negotiation skills. An expert in advertising, Patrick Belhon garners attention for sellers’ properties by individually crafting marketing devices. In the event of a necessary short sale, Patrick Belhon is also well qualified to assist the seller.

With the launch of his own hard money lending and rental home business in 2001, Patrick Belhon began to accrue experience in real estate. He continues to manage the firm today, maintaining multiple income-generating properties in the U.S. and France. Due to his membership with the French-American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego, Patrick Belhon’s services are easily accessible to French citizens located overseas and in the U.S. To pioneer the advancement of the real estate field, Patrick Belhon supports the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors. Patrick Belhon holds a baccalaureate degree in economic sciences.

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